Eh, (insert akward pause) Hey?

I’ve been absent. I know. It’s been summer and every day has seemed filled with projects, has-to-do’s, parties or something else that has been more important than my computer.


I’ll really try and update more after this, honest!

My new best friend.

image My new best friend! As a Beautician I can be a real sceptic when it comes to new products, especially some cheaper brands. But Maybellines Dream Fresh BB…is awesome.  It’s my absolute summer favourite right now.

  • It’s light, non-sticky. Perfect for warm weather.

  • And yet it eavens out the skin and suits my skin perfectly!

  • And a huge + it has SPF 30!

  • I highly rekommend!

Day 26-Your Hidden Talent

Yikes. I’m not sure I have any hidden talents persé…

Is memorizing random lines from movies and Tv-shows without even trying(or wanting)to a talent? If so that’s propably the only Hidden Talent I can come up with right now :-D

Oh! Also I can roll my tongue, supposedly not everyone can do that…


Summer, je t’aime!

Summer weather for about a week here in Finland, love it! I’ve been trying my best to get tanned, so something positive about my sick-leave!


Also, Finland got Silver in the Icehockey World Championship, Yaay! The hero of the whole damn tournament; Pekka “Betoni” Rinne! That Man. I have a small (read;huge) crush on the man.


Yeah. Not only is he a brilliant Goal Keeper. He’s HOT!

I’m Still Here.

I’s over. Done with. 

I came home from the hospital two days ago. It went well, they said. Apparently the wound down my stomach won’t even scar much, so they kept telling me.

It hurts a little. But I’m on painkillers so I manage. The Man has to do basically everything around here, I’m not allowed to do almost anything…right now that’s the most frustrating part. Not being allowed to do stuff. It’s frustrating just sitting around, resting. But then again I don’t have the energy to do much yet. Or I do have the energy but it fades rather quickly and I’m being overly careful not to over-excite myself.

So I’m alright. Tired and slightly frustrated but I’m okay.



I wrote a post about fear earlier but now a new fear has entered my life.

I’m sick.

I need to have surgery in a couple of weeks. 

There’s this tumor inside of me. It’s been growing in there, it hurts that’s how they discovered it. It needs to be taken out and that’s why I need surgery.

It isn’t an malignant one…but it’s freaking me out. I’m scared. Worried. 

I hate hospitals, and I’ll have to stay there for at least five days. 

I’m sure It’ll be fine, but I’m still scared.

I’ll get back to the 30 Day posts, I won’t have anything but time since I’ll be off from work for at least a month now.