Last friday was my Birthday. Which means that I am now 25 years old.
How can 25 sound so much older than 24? It’s just a number and yet, I feel weird about it.

When you were 18 or 19, 25 felt like lightyears away, and now, here I am. 25.

Maybe it’s the fact that I am living in a house with the greatest guy on the planet, and a baby is about to see the light outside my belly just a couple of weeks from now. Maybe that’s what it is…I am a Grown Up now. Or atleast considered one.

I just don’t feel all that grown up yet. I am not at the stage where getting carded buying beer thrills me (in Finland the age-limit is 18). It happened to me about a month ago when I was grocery shopping and bought some for The Man, no it just annoys me that I still have to dig around for my ID (even though the law says that anyone who looks to be under 30 should provide an ID when buying alcohol or tobacco here).
I’m probably never going to be an excellent cook like my mom, I’ve kindof nailed the baking part though if I may say so myself.
Things like the economy and politics still just confuse me.

I just don’t feel 25. Yes, I am alot more grown up than I was 5 years ago, but still.

25, huh, how did that happen?


Me and Pruppen on my Birthday all dressed up.

Pilvi or Chai.

What am I babbling abou, you wonder? Well, I am currently triyng to decide which colour to paint the Grapefruits room in.

Paint-colours have the strangest names I have ever seen…

I want a colour that is gender-neutral and doesn’t clash with other colours. Because I have big plans for bedding, curtains etc…so a bold colours wouldn’t be suitable even if I am a big fan of those myself.
Now…all I have to do is choose. Not something I am very good at, so in the end I think it might be The Man who makes the final decision xD.

So I’ve narrowed down to these two;

H459 (Chai)


Y481 (Pilvi)


Letter To Me.

That is the title of one of my personal favourite songs by Brad Paisley.

It’s basically about him writing a letter to his 17 year old self. I listened to it earlier this morning when I was eating breakfast and couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to meet, maybe not my 17 year old self, but the 19 or 20 year old version of me.

I’ll be 25 this May and it would be so fantastic to be able to talk to myself, 5 years ago.

19 going on 20. Life was pretty much work and partying. Live for today, not tomorrow. Not a care in the world. Staying out until the sun rises again, sleeping until noon.
That version of me is so different from me today and there’s so much I would like to tell her.

I would tell her to stop worrying about stupid things I used to worry about. Perhaps convince her to open up a savings account sooner rather than later and not put all the paycheck on parties and clothes xD
I wouldn’t warn her not to make the mistakes she hasn’t made yet, because those are what made me who I am today.
I  think she would have a hard time comperhending that just five years into the future, life is going to be so different.

Back then I wasn’t really interested in a relationship, but here I am, going on my fourth year together with The Man. Even the thought of that would have freaked 19-year old me out.
I still lived with my parents, hadn’t saved up enough money to live on my own then. Now we have a house. That wasn’t an option or even on the radar then. A place of your own to call home.
19-year old me wasn’t sure she ever wanted kids. I just couldn’t see myself with children back then… I guess it took meeting the right person to be sure. To tell her that in just a couple of weeks, she’s going to be a mom, that would be unreal.

So much can change in give-or-take five years. It’s sometimes hard to understand it, how you can change so much during what seems like such a short time.



I can’t for the life of me come up with a word for that in english, but that is what we’ve been calling the wee one dancing konga in my belly since day one, except for The Grapefruit, of course. But the “name” we mostly use is Pruppen.

It’s not beautiful nor a very schmexy nickname for one to have. But it’s just stuck with us.

I now fear that this will not end once the kid arrives. Poor little one will be stuck with it for awhile.

I’m very sorry kid, but your parents has doomed you with the worst nickname ever from the very beginning.


Here’s a picture from awhile back that I posted on Instagram. The bumb is bigger now.

Baby Shower.

So yesterday I thought I was going for Easter Lunch at my parents house.
I had a stressful day at work, got home took a quick shower and didn’t bother with any makeup or nice clothes. I was annoyed with the Man because I thought he was taking way too long…also had not slept very well.

Once we arrived at my parents house I saw alot of cars that I recognized…

I had been fooled. My friends had organized a Surprise Baby Shower for me!
Apparently it had been in the making for weeks, months even. My mom was in on it and so was the Man.
It was so much fun and my bad mood evaporated. Both The Grapefruit and I got loads of presents and food and cakes that they had made.

Pure brilliance.




April Fools.

The day of mockery and joking around.

I am not a fan.

I wont be pulling anyones leg and I sure hope noone tries to mess with me either. I’m just not a practical joke kind of girl…

Leave the “funny stuff” the the Comedians, I say.

Also. It’s snowing again. I hate snow. Man, am I negative today or what? xD

Slow Sunday.

So today has not been very productive. Even if my list of things to do isn’t exactly small… The Man and I have been taking it easy all day, one of us slightly tired from a night of drinking the other of just picking up on the other ones laziness and submitting to it xD Also; we’ve switched to Summer time and it messes with your head…
The only one in our house full with energy is The Grapefruit, it’s had a blast trying to stretch out my stomach all day xD But now it’s bed time for us all so G’Night!

Here’s a picture of the bump for you.