Moving Day.

So here we are; Moving Day.

I’m currently at work while a bunch of people are moving our stuff from the aparment to our HOUSE!

I’m freaking out about not being there. Not that I would be allowed to do anything productive during the actual move since heavy lifting isn’t exactly recommended while the Grapefruit is kicking up a storm in my belly.
The Man actually thought that it was better that I’m here so he doesn’t have to worry about me doing to much during the move because just standing around while outher people work bugs me.

But I’m allowed to clean afterwards so atleast I’ll be able to do something. I just wish the clock would start moving faster so I can get out of here and see how things are progressing.

Will update more later so…

Stress Monsters.

They’re coming.

The little furballs in my head known as Stress-Monsters. I can feel them in the back of my head trying to break through the wall I’ve built to keep them away.

They look something like this. But don’t let their cuteness fool you. Tiny bastards are VICIOUS!

The…person…(that’s all I can come up with that’s nice) that is the previous owner of The House is very slow. Yes, we have yet to recieve a key. It’s beginning to get on my nerves.

The thing is, I’m a nice person, I usually don’t stress alot. When he called to say that he was going to be slightly delayed and be in touch on Monday, I took it in a stride.

Yesterday, we still hadn’t heard a peep from mentioned person. Now I’m getting to a point where it feels like I’m ready to strangle someone.

You see, while I may be a very kind and very patient person push the line too far and you’re in for it. Yes, I can be the Queen Biatch when I want to be.

I feel sorry for the poor schmuck who tries to reason with me once I get off work today because by then the Stress-Monsters will more then likely have broken throough the Wall and set camp, preparing for battle.

Yeah. It’s one of those days.

An Update from BoxLand

Yes. We’re currently living in a land of boxes. We’re getting the keys to our house this week but the packing has already started, obviously. So right now it’s BoxLand in our apartment.

So much to do…so many boxes. Everywhere.

It’ll be over soon…I can’t wait for this move to finally get started so we can begin making our house; a home.


So, I’ve been absent again. But much has been going on.

  1. We’ve started packing because we’re sqedueled to move sometime next week. Yaay!
  2. The Grapefruit is growing and so is The Bump. Now it doesn’t look like fat anymore because it’s this very round-ish shape so people are starting to actually see that there’s going to be a baby in a few months.
  3. Work, as always, takes up alot of my time. Busy, busy.

And, that’s all I have for today. I’ll try to pop in and write something of use soon though. Cheerio!


I looked back to last years review and I had ended that post with the line;

So what more can I say then I hope next year will be just as good, if not better than its predecessor.

Well. That didn’t happen. This past year has been ups and downs and too be quite honest it’s been more on the down side.
So I’ve decided to not go through the year month by month like last time, instead I’ve found a list that seems appropriate

So here it comes; The Year 2014!

Describe 2014 with three words

Tough. Treadmill. Joy.

Which are the biggest “events” of the year?
One has to be my surgery and hospital visit. Another one is my God daughers first birthday and of course finding our house which we’ll very soon move into. And the biggest of them all realising that I was pregnant.

Have you improved at anything?
Hum. Not really?

Did you do something you’ve never done before?
I spent time at the hospital and went through surgerey, never done that before. Obviously I got knocked up ;-) so that counts I suppose. But other than that…I don’t think I did anything that I haven’t done before.

What was extra Bad about the year?
Sickness. Not just my own but others close to me as well. This whole year has just been one thing after the other and only now at the end of the year things have been looking up.

What was extra Good?
Well, The Grapefruit obviously. Again; finding our house! Aaand the incredibly warm summer we had and those late summer nights.
What did you listen too?
Ed Sheeran, I listened to him alot. And then all those summer-hits and of course alot of 80’s rock as always :-D

What made you laugh?
GIRLS, Modern Family, my friends and family…and just those slow sundays with The Man.

What made you cry?
Death. Sickness. Things like sad movies and songs. Weird hormonal stuff like the shirt I wanted to wear was in the laundry or something like that…I’ve cried an awful lot this year actually, for things worth crying for and then silly things as well.

And finally, plans for year 2015?
Well alot is happening this year and alot is changing for me/us so I plan to enjoy motherhood once we’re there <3. I’m planning on putting me and my family first this year and everything else is just going to have to come after that.
I can almost say for certain that I  know that this year is going to be awesome :-D

Here’s a random collection of pictures from 2014 :-)