Slow Sunday.

So today has not been very productive. Even if my list of things to do isn’t exactly small… The Man and I have been taking it easy all day, one of us slightly tired from a night of drinking the other of just picking up on the other ones laziness and submitting to it xD Also; we’ve switched to Summer time and it messes with your head…
The only one in our house full with energy is The Grapefruit, it’s had a blast trying to stretch out my stomach all day xD But now it’s bed time for us all so G’Night!

Here’s a picture of the bump for you.



According to my Pregnancy App, we now have 65 Days left until the Grapefruit is expected to arrive. I’m sorry, but what?!

65 Days. That’s barely two Months. When did that happen? I’ve been walking around thinkg, pfft the due date is waay into the future, we have loads of time left before The Kid is arriving. Apparently, we do not.

It’s funny how fast time goes without you noticing. Sure The Bump has gotten bigger and The Grapefuit has been moving around int there so much that it would be impossible to ignore it but still…65 days. That’s soon. Wow.

Now I have this need to start making lists of things I should do before The Grapefruit decides to make an apparence.

The Yellow House.

We have now officially and every-damn-well-possible way moved into our Yellow House. I’m in love.

There’s still things to do, some stuff is still unpacked and such but everything is really coming together. It feels so good I can’t even describe it.
There was a moment the first week though when I laid there in the early morning hours, the Grapefruit was kicking like crazy and I was trying to decide if I really had to get up to pee or if it was yet another false alarm, when it hit me. That this was our home now. Before that moment I realized I had always reffered to it as “The House”, not home but “The House”. The small-ish apartment I never really bonded with had after all been our home for several years. But right then and there, that morning, “The House” finally felt like home.

Moving Day.

So here we are; Moving Day.

I’m currently at work while a bunch of people are moving our stuff from the aparment to our HOUSE!

I’m freaking out about not being there. Not that I would be allowed to do anything productive during the actual move since heavy lifting isn’t exactly recommended while the Grapefruit is kicking up a storm in my belly.
The Man actually thought that it was better that I’m here so he doesn’t have to worry about me doing to much during the move because just standing around while outher people work bugs me.

But I’m allowed to clean afterwards so atleast I’ll be able to do something. I just wish the clock would start moving faster so I can get out of here and see how things are progressing.

Will update more later so…

Stress Monsters.

They’re coming.

The little furballs in my head known as Stress-Monsters. I can feel them in the back of my head trying to break through the wall I’ve built to keep them away.

They look something like this. But don’t let their cuteness fool you. Tiny bastards are VICIOUS!

The…person…(that’s all I can come up with that’s nice) that is the previous owner of The House is very slow. Yes, we have yet to recieve a key. It’s beginning to get on my nerves.

The thing is, I’m a nice person, I usually don’t stress alot. When he called to say that he was going to be slightly delayed and be in touch on Monday, I took it in a stride.

Yesterday, we still hadn’t heard a peep from mentioned person. Now I’m getting to a point where it feels like I’m ready to strangle someone.

You see, while I may be a very kind and very patient person push the line too far and you’re in for it. Yes, I can be the Queen Biatch when I want to be.

I feel sorry for the poor schmuck who tries to reason with me once I get off work today because by then the Stress-Monsters will more then likely have broken throough the Wall and set camp, preparing for battle.

Yeah. It’s one of those days.

An Update from BoxLand

Yes. We’re currently living in a land of boxes. We’re getting the keys to our house this week but the packing has already started, obviously. So right now it’s BoxLand in our apartment.

So much to do…so many boxes. Everywhere.

It’ll be over soon…I can’t wait for this move to finally get started so we can begin making our house; a home.